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Camera Man,

 Editing services,  

Electronic steadicam work,

 Drone work,

Commercial story development

I am Hugo Alex Hall and based in Cheltenham UK. All my life I have been deeply deeply passionate for the whole world of film and video. What excites me is the creation of a film.....thinking up the story with other professionals and developing it and then seeing the finished film. I love good 

documentaries such as those made by Werner Herzog (Grizzly Man). 

People may forget there is so so much detail to great videos ...the to cross that bridge from a thought to a finished video which sends a message or tells a story to its audience.  I love sitting down and planning the whole creation from the seed of an idea to the finished video with clients.....often clients kind of think they know what they want to portray as a final video, yet they do not know how to get the story across themselves. My skill is 3 elements.


   1 Having a great imagination makes it easier for me to suggest and encourage concepts with a client to aid the creation process. Plenty of people

      have an idea of how they want  their video to end up looking yet may lack imagination or content ideas and this is essential for a video which

      does not end up looking bland or send out a confused message.


   2 My true experience of production and editing allows me to assist clients along with the story and how the whole video fits together

       in a clever way speeding up the making of the final video preventing long drawn out production times.


   3  My motivation levels are extremely high, I am able to not only motivate clients but I constantly bring fresh thoughts and concepts to the table 

       during the whole production process which may better a final video.


I make corporate videos for web, music videos, documentaries, and weddings. Additionally I fly drones so offer aerial work. I can also offer an 

editing service for those who have footage and know what they want.


I have filmed many subjects from whales and dolphins, musicians, motorsport racetracks, volcanos, .....

I will work with businesses big and small.....


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