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Personal Projects

Of Masts and Mountains....

Recently I made a documentary about two great old friends who have had a lifetime of climbing adventure together.Including climbing in Afghanistan,Himalaya, Alps, Greenland. One of the climbers now lives with M.S. The film is a tale of how one friend sails a yacht to the base of an old volcano and devises a plan to help encourage his friend to still enjoy himself even though he cannot climb the mountains any more.

"Chattra" a film on India 

I spent 6 weeks filming in Kerela, Goa, Elephanta caves, Mumbai, and mostly Rajasthan, situated on the Pakistan/Indian border living with the desert camel owners. This film is unfinished as the superb opportunity to make Of Masts and Mountains with a great team for International film festival circuits came up suddenly and was not to be missed.



I do a lot of aerial filming, one of my highlights and most testing subjects I filmed lately was a motorsports event. It was very cool being able to hover the drone low over the track and cars to get shots never been seen before. 


I own an Inspire 1 a super and very capable machine for filming in the air over land , sea, or river ...It is one of the more high-end drones with intelligent flight modes allowing you to program the drone to follow you (i.e. if you are in a car), or do great orbits, point-of-interest shooting.. for example choosing the distance above and around an object such as a light house and flying orbits whilst filming at the same time.You can also set way points and leave the drone to fly itself along the programmed route (whilst painting line of sight of course for safety) 

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